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About Us

Techcel is an outsourcing solutions company that provides front and back office support for small to medium enterprises to Fortune 500 companies.

We are your complete inbound/outbound call center and business process solutions provider. Our offices are in South Jordan, Utah and SJDM City, Bulacan. Backed by experts in the industry and the latest information technology systems, we deliver tangible results that better combine availability, reliability, and cost efficiency than any other BPO centers.

  • Industry Experts

    Our team has years of extensive global experience in all aspects of the BPO industry. This invaluable advantage has made us competitive across all outsourcing solutions.

  • Real-time Reporting Tools

    With our proven and tested proprietary reporting system, our clients are well informed in their customer care program. This helps them make valuable critical decisions.

  • Flexible

    At Techcel, we are dominated by a value driven attitude that emphasizes on reliability and utility to achieve distinction in a highly competitive market. Because of this we are able to deliver the utmost customer satisfaction across all levels.

  • Solid Infrastructure

    We implement all the required means to provide our clients with a secure, flexible, and responsive IT infrastructure. Complete with redundancy and back-up systems, our server room is also equipped with a biometrics scanner that limits access to only the IT staff. As an added security and monitoring cameras are installed.

The Techcel Advantage.

Our expertise doesn’t stop at our people, infrastructure and performance.
Our real-time reporting functionality provides unparalled insight into your campaign performance.


Our agents take pride on what they do and continues to aspire to be part of the family.


With our in-depth training, our staff can easily handle in and outbound calls to effectively reach customers, contact prospects, resolve issues and increase brand recognition.

Call center team


They are all highly proficient in english and in tuned with current technology standards.


We always strive to deliver impeccable service through our workforce with performance-based assessment, continous feedback & evaluation, and mentoring programs.

State-of-the-art. Secure.

From fast and reliable workstations to reliable VOIP telephony system, we implement all the required means to provide our clients with a secure, flexible, and responsive IT infrastructure. Complete with redundancy and back-up systems, our server room is also equipped with its own biometrics scanner. As an added security and monitoring cameras are installed.

Cost-effective. Flexible.

Techcel has the privilege of working with some of the most innovative companies in the world and our rates remain highly competitive. We provide the highest-quality performance for all our contact center solutions even with our flexible pricing structure.


Reliable, Flexible & Cost-effective.

At Techcel we're not just a contact center, we are the face behind the voice of your company. We do not take our relationships lightly, our clients trust us with some of their most valuable assets - their customers.

Outstanding service

“As a result of partnering with Techcel, we are able to provide even more efficient and responsive handling of customer e-mails and calls with 7 days/16 hours service and an overall improvement in meeting targeted customer service goals. The agents take pride in their work and really care about our customer base.”

Reliable and dependable

“Techcel has been a perfect solution for our company! They have been extremely reliable from an IT and infrastructure standpoint to an overall operational standpoint. They have dedicated support that is available around the clock and they do an amazing job collaborating with our team from the US.”

Exceptional Value

“We have built a healthy, productive relationship with each key member of Techcel that supports our program. Their expertise is key when it comes to elevating the quality of support that we’re able to provide to our customer base. We continue to trust and rely on Techcel for all of our support needs, they certainly go above and beyond and add exceptional value to our relationship.”

Our Team


Techcel is owned by a diverse group of individuals that have years of experience both in domestic and international business. Our experience combined with an innovative management team allows us to scale at the pace of our clients demand.

Team Techcel Shawn

Shawn Smolko

CEO, President

Having worked in several Fortune 500 companies, Shawn delivers broad knowledge in Business Process Outsourcing to Techcel. His expertise spans for two decades in operational management in contact center solutions and Shawn's extensive experience in Business Process Outsourcing has proven to be a salient factor in Techcel's growth. He has been instrumental in growing Techcel from a small outsourcing startup to the trusted BPO solution for companies such as Intuit and Tio Networks. Shawn is responsible for the entire operation of the center and is involved in client management, performance and productivity improvement, compliance, account management, training and staff management. He now enjoys the tropical weather of Manila.

Team Techcel Marion

Marion Markle


Marion is a seasoned accounting professional with expertise in financial reporting, budgeting, forecasting, and strategic planning. He has a master’s degree (MBA) in Finance and a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and over 20 years of financial and operational management experience in manufacturing, distribution and service industries.

Team Techcel Ron

Ron Destura

Operations Director

Ron is an experienced BPO Manager with well over a decade of industry experience. He started his Call Centre career with a major Telecommunications communications company in 2004 and quickly moved up the ranks! He has managed and grew multiple Fortune 500 companies in the Philippines as part of a Senior Management team with his International employers that require a variety of complex skills. An expert in Sales and Quality he truly believes in NPS as a measurement of a successful company. Prior to his career change he was a Culinary Chef in Las Vegas, NV where he resided for over 15 years. The synergy of these two unique careers has given Ron a broader view in creating new concepts and new idea’s that he has brought over to Techcel.

Team Techcel Dave

Dave Ludovica

Communications Director

Dave Ludovica started on the rebranding of Techcel and now handles the marketing and communications of the company. Prior to joining Techcel he was associated with several startups and have consulted with various companies that are involved in retail, healthcare, education, finance, food, agriculture, hospitality, real estate, publishing and creatives. He's also adept in project management having managed several projects in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Davao, Subic, Manila and even in the island of Boracay. As a staunch advocate of biofuel and renewable energy, he volunteered in promoting and educating urban and rural communities across the entire country.

Team Techcel Anne

Anne Generoso

Virtual Assistant Manager

Anne has about 14 years of working experience as Account/Client Manager and Operations Manager for some of the top BPO companies in Manila. The last five years were spent managing online virtual assistants and other campaigns. Previous to joining the BPO industry, Anne worked as an Events and Marketing Manager for a fast moving retails company. She is a graduate of the University of the Philippines with a Degree in Development Studies. She also has a diploma in Social Media Management and Digital Marketing.

Team Techcel Marie

Maricar Cunanan

Accounting Officer

Marie graduated with a degree of BSBA Major in Management and has been in the business for 22 years. She’s one of the pioneers in the company. She handles all of Techcel's accounting related matter such as Payroll, Government mandated contributions and other vital financial management projects concerning the company’s cash flow.

Team Techcel Niki

Niki Chavez

Senior Team Leader

Niki is a highly driven, ambitious and multifaceted Team Leader with more than 11 years of experience in the outsourcing industry. As a Senior Team Leader with Techcel, Niki has managed most of the company's notable accounts and campaigns. Prior to being a TL, Niki served as a Quality Assurance Specialist and has been responsible for the continuing growth and success of the company and the delivery of world-class outsourcing services.

Our Facility

Ideal work environment that enables us to offer full service capabilites.

Our center is equipped with a training room complete with an A/V system, a secured server room, pantry, ideal work bays and support offices. We also put a premium on security so our facility host security guards round-the-clock, CCTV cameras and biometrics scanners. At present, the center has a capacity of 100 seats.

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